Cancer Hospital In India

The Department of Nuclear Medicine in BIACH & RI provides newer clinical and imaging modalities on par with the other departments of national eminence.

It offers a wide spectrum of nuclear medicine imaging services including a full gamut of imaging procedures – conventional gamma camera imaging as well as new PET-CT technology and gallium scans.

Department of Nuclear medicine also offers various therapeutic applications of radioisotopes such as Radioiodine therapy, MIBG (1-131) therapy and Samarium-153 therapy.

It also produces radioisotopes (18F-FDG) required for PET-CT imaging with its in-house cyclotron facility and caters to the need of radioisotopes to other PET-CT centers in and outside Hyderabad city.


  1. • Diagnostic
  2. • Gamma camera scans
  3. • PET-CT
  4. • Gallium scan


  1. • Radioiodine therapy for thyroid cancer.
  2. • Radioiodine therapy for thryrotoxicosis.
  3. • Samarium153 / strontium-89 therapy for bone pain palliation.
  4. • MIBG therapy.
  5. • Others: FDG Supply and other PET tracers.